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New stitching items including kits, threads, fabric and accessories for cross
stitch, needlepoint, hardanger and tatting.
If you don't see what you're looking for please email us at

Pattern Snowy Visitors by Foxwood Crossings

17-2169 Snowy Visitors

Cross Stitch on 14ct Brown
Perforated paper

Accessory Sled Foxwood Crossings

17-2222 Mini Sled $3.95
Runners on the sled
measure 4 x 1 3/4"

Pattern Backyard Visitors by Foxwood Crossings

18-1469 Backyard Visitors

Cross Stitch on 14ct Brown
Perforated Paper

 Cross Stitch Kits by Laurel Burch ! These kits include 28ct linen, Mill
Hill beads, floss, needle and chart.  Each design sized to fit into a black Mill Hill
frame which is sold separately.  Kits also available with Aida fabric by special order.
Please specify linen or aida when ordering
Laurel Burch's whimsical creatures and bright color schemes would be a beautiful
addition to any room.
Kits priced at $15.20 each ( aida or linen )

Mediterranean Mares LB301711 Laurel Burch

LB301711 Mediterranean Mares
Size 5.75 x 5.75

Riviera Horses LB301714 Laurel Burch

LB301714 Riviera Horses
Size 5.75 x 7.75

Moroccan Mares LB301712 Laurel Burch

LB301712 Moraccan Mares
Size 5.75 x 7.75

Wild Horses LB301715 Laurel Burch

LB301715 Wild Horses
Size 5.75 x 5.75

Frame Black 5.5 x 5.5 Mill Hill GBFRM1

GBFRM1  Matte Black Frame 6 x 6  $12.80
Fits LB301711, 1713 and 1715

Embracing Horses LB301713 Laurel Burch

LB301713 Embracing Horses
Size 5.75 x 5.75

Frame Black 6 x 8 Mill Hill GBFRM19

GBFRM19  Matte Black frame 6 x 8  $15.20
Fits LB301712 and 1714

DMC Coloris Thread !  New from DMC, the Coloris thread is six stranded, 100%
cotton, 8.7 yds per skein just like the regular DMC cotton floss but available in 24
new vibrant colors.  Unlike variegated thread which is a light to dark shading of the
same color each Coloris thread is a combination of at least 3 colors.  A wonderful
extension of the Color Variation thread line

Needlework Plus Price is $1.25 per skein

DMC Coloris 4500 Columbine Gardens1

DMC Coloris 4501 Wildflowers

DMC Coloris 4502 Camellia

DMC Coloris 4503 Wisteria

DMC Coloris 4504 Hydrangea

4500 Columbine

4501 Wildflowers

4502 Camellia

4503 Wisteria

4504 Hydrangea

DMC Coloris 4505 Heather

DMC Coloris 4506 Spring

DMC Coloris 4507 Bougainvillea

DMC Coloris 4508 Frosted Countryside

DMC Coloris 4509 Granite Coast

4505 Heather

4506 Spring


4508 Frosted

4509 Granite

DMC Coloris 4510 Maple

DMC Coloris 4511 Indian Summer

DMC Coloris 4512 States

DMC Coloris 4513 London

DMC Coloris 4514 Venice

4510 Maple

4511 Indian

4512 States

4513 London

4514 Venice

DMC Coloris 4515 Paris

DMC Coloris 4516 Black Forest

DMC Coloris 4517 Elves

DMC Coloris 4518 Cottage

DMC Coloris 4519 Jingle Bells

4515 Paris

4516 Black

4517 Elves

4518 Cottage

4519 Jingle Bells

DMC Coloris 4520 Christmas Story

DMC Coloris 4521 Wide Open Spaces

DMC Coloris 4522 Canadian Night

DMC Coloris 4523 North Wind


4520 Christmas

4521 Wide Open

4522 Canadian

4523 North Wind


DMC Diamant Metallic Thread is a very smooth, single strand metallic thread.  It's
smoothness makes it virtually twist and tangle free.  One strand is equal to 2
strands of DMC floss.  Each spool is 38.2 yards ( 35 meters ).  Great for any
cross stitch, needlepoint or embroidery project.

Needlework Plus price is $2.65 per spool

DMC Diamant D140 Gold nad Black

D140 Black and

DMC Diamant D168 Light Silver

D168 Lt Silver

DMC Diamant D301 Dark Copper

D301 Dark Copper

DMC Diamant D316 Pink Amethyst

D316 Pink Amethyst

DMC Diamant D415 Dark Silver

D415 Dark Silver

DMC Diamant D321 Red Ruby

D321 Red Ruby

DMC Diamant D5200 Bright White

D5200 White

DMC Diamant D3821 Light Gold

D3821 Lt Gold

DMC Diamant D699 Emerald

D699 Emerald

DMC Diamant D310 Ebony

D310 Ebony

DMC Diamant D3852 Dark Gold

D3852  Dark Gold

DMC Diamant D898 Oak

D898 Oak