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Dinky Dyes

New to Needlework Plus - Dinky Dyes silk floss.
Dinky Dyes offers a high quality 6 stranded overdyed silk floss in 245 beautiful
colors.  Each skein is approximately 8 meters and is perfect for all of your
embroidery and cross stitch projects. These are the colors I have in stock
so far for the Dinky Dyes silk threads.  I can special order anything Dinky Dyes offers
so if you need something that you don't see please contact us
at sales@needleworkplus.com.
Needlework Plus price is $3.60 per skein Dinky Dyes Silk threads

Dinky Dyes Silk Floss

Dinky Dyes Silk Floss

Dinky Dyes Silk Floss

DD S-000 Natural Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-001 Raspberry Ripple Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-002 Purple Haze Silk Dinky Dyes

S-000 Natural

S-001 Raspberry Ripple

S-002 Purple Haze

DD S-003 Lavender Mist Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-004 Strawberry Ice Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-005 Mulberry Ice Silk Dinky Dyes

S-003 Lavender Mist

S-004 Strawberry Ice

S-005 Mulberry Ice

DD S-006 Tutti Frutti Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-007 Mother of Pearl Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-008 Mint Ice Silk Dinky Dyes

S-006 Tutti Frutti

S-007 Mother of Pearl

S-008 Mint Ice

DD S-009 Mint Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-010 Cloudy Sky Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-011 Coral Sea Silk Dinky Dyes

S-009 Mint

S-010 Cloudy Sky

S-011 Coral Sea

DD S-012 Lemon Sherbet Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-013 Jaffa Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-014 Autumn Leaves Silk Dinky Dyes

S-012 Lemon Sherbet

S-013 Jaffa

S-014 Autumn Leaves

DD S-015 Lemon Lime Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-016 Lemon Mint Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-017 Mango Tango Silk Dinky Dyes

S-015 Lemon Lime

S-016 Lemon Mint

S-017 Mango Tango

DD S-018 Apricot Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-019 Rainforest Silk Dinky Dyes

DD S-020 Gum Leaves Silk Dinky Dyes

S-018 Apricot

S-019 Rainforest

S-020 Gum Leaves

Click on picture of PDF file for list
of Dinky Dyes Silk floss colors
inventory. All sales final, no return,
no special orders