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Pattern Amethyst needlepoint design

09-1436  Amethyst Needlepoint pattern  $3.40
Design measures 8.5 x 8.5" worked on 18ct white mono
canvas using Caron Watercolor, DMC perle #5, kreinik
#12 braid and Crescent Colors silk Belle Soie.

Bouquet  $5.95
Design measures 8.25" x 8.25" stitched on 24ct
Congress Cloth and uses 24 different threads but the
possibilities are endless !  Use your stash and as many
colors as you need.  Design also has Mill Hill
bugle beads attached. Threads used for design pictured
are included in the pattern with alternate color schemes !


Duet  $5.95
Design measures 11.75" x 11.75' stitched
on Grey Congress Cloth and uses DMC floss.
Shown here is the yellow/orange family group
of colors.  Also included with pattern is color
grouping for grey/black version.

Humpty Dumpty  $5.95
Humpty stands 15" stitched on 18ct mono canvas
using DMC #5 pearl cotton, Paternayan Wool,
Kreinik #8 braid and Rainbow Gallery threads. 

Pattern Quartet needlepoint design

Quartet  $5.95
Four separate projects bundles into one book.  Complete
instructions and diagrams for each stitch used.

Pattern Adagio needlepoint design

Adagio  $5.95
Design measures approximately 12 x 12" stitched on 18ct
canvas using threads from Caron Collection and DMC.

Pattern The Witch's Children cross stitch

07-2481  The Witch's Children by Mystic Stitch  $5.50
Design measures 17 3/4 x 12 1/4" stitched on 14ct
fabric or canvas using DMC floss.

Pattern Ghoul's Night Out cross stitch

02-1765  Ghoul's Night Out  $3.50
Design measures 11.5 x 12.5 stitched on 32ct linen using DMC
floss, Kreinik BF in colors 011HL and 025, Sampler thread
Soot and Whisper thread.

Pattern Celebrate America cross stitch

GP124  Celebrate America by Glendon
Place  $1.95

Design measures 7 x 5 1/2" stitched on
28ct fabric.

Pattern Jack O Juggle Spell cross stitch

CJVS39  Jack O Juggle Spell by Victoria Sampler  $1.75
Design measures 3.7 x 4.1" stitched on 28ct dirty cashel linen.
CJVS39P  Accessory pack  $5.75
Contains threads, buttons and beads needed to complete design.
Take another 10% off if you purchase both pattern and accessory

DR00901 Masonic Emblem  $1.25
Design is 6.5" x 6.5" stitched on 28ct Navy Jobelan and
uses Dmc floss and Kreinik.

CJVS46  Honeysuckle Hill Sampler  $3.85
Design measures 8.7" high x 3.7" wide stitched
on 28ct cashel linen.

Pattern Honeysuckle Hill Sampler cross stitch
Pattern Friends in Stitches cross stitch

#118  Friends in Stitches Leaflet  $5.25
Designs stitched on 28ct pearl grey and 28ct Summer
Khaki Cashel respectively.

Pattern New Year Sampler cross stitch

7D7  New Year Sampler  $2.00
Design measures 14.3 x 11.6" stitched on 27ct linen.

Pattern Provence Sampler cross stitch

BR12 Provence Sampler  $2.50
Design measures 19 1/5 x 21 1/5" stitched
on 10ct Heatherfield Natural.

Pattern Celtic Sewing Box cross stitch

10-1003  Celtic Sewing Box Leaflet  $12.95
White cardboard pieces, violet crystal and pewter
celtic heart charm included with pattern.  You will
need batting, lining fabric and cross stitch fabric to
complete. Model was stitched on 28ct Jade.

Pattern Baby Announcment for Boy cross stitch

EMS138  Baby Announcement for Boy  $2.50
Design measures 14.8 x 11.3" stitched on 28ct fabric.

Pattern A Checkbook Keeper bargello stitch needlepoint

09-1361  A Checkbook Keeper  $2.00
Project is worked on 40ct linen ( 20 ct or 22 ct
canvas would work also ) using DMC floss or
any threads you wish. 

Pattern A spectacles Pocket bargello stitch needlepoint

09-1360  A Spectacles Pocket  $2.00
Project is worked on 40ct linen ( 20 ct or 22 ct
canvas would work also ) using DMC floss or
any threads you wish. 

Pattern A Card Purse bargello stitch needlepoint

09-1362  A Card Purse  $2.00
Project is worked on 40ct linen ( 20 ct or 22 ct
canvas would work also ) using DMC floss or
any threads you wish. 

Pattern Rhapsody in Red Part 4 chatelaine and fob cross stitch

SC1021  Rhapsody in Red Part 4  $5.20
Designs require a fat quarter ( 18 x 27 ) of 32ct linen and use
Crimson and Cranberry Glorianna silk and Kreinik #061 ( or
any colors of your choice ).  Finishing instructions included.

Pattern Silhouette Purse by Martina Weber cross stitch

CHAT011  Silhouette Pouch by Martina Weber  $7.50
Pouch requires a piece of cashel linen ( 28ct ) sized
12 x 16.  You'll also need silk thread ( Honey mauve or
sandstone coloring ), 4MM and 7 MM silk ribbon in
various pinks and greens, Mill Hill beads and treasures.

Pattern The Art Deco Pouch by Martina Weber cross stitch

CHAT012  Art Deco Pouch by Martina Weber  $7.50
Pouch requires a piece of Belfast linen ( 32ct ) size 12 x 16.
Threads required include Caron Waterlilies 073 parfait, Anchor
Marlitt 845, Kreinik No 4 color 001 silver, MH beads and

Pattern English Garden Folly by SJ Designs cross stitch

EGF  English Garden Folly by SJ Designs  $5.95
Design measures approximately 14.25 square stitched
on 18ct canvas.  Three color schemes included using
DMC and Anchor floss.

Pattern Quilter's Quarters by SJ Designs cross stitch

QQB  Quilter's Quarters Booklet by SJ Designs  $5.95
Four separate quilt square designs stitched on 18ct
canvas cut 12 inch square. Design at right is stitched
using DMC floss, DMC metallic and Kreinik metallics.

Pattern Thankful Hearts Gather together cross stitch

07-2390  Thankful Hearts  $2.95
Design measures 10 x 14 3/4" stitched on 14ct Fiddler
Lite using DMC floss #433.

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