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Save more with the more you spend !

I can take an order by email ( scanned document, excel, whatever ) or through the secure order
form on my site ( How to Order Page ).  Please limit phone calls to giving credit information.  This will
speed up my ability to pull and ship in a timely manner.  

20% off all items up to $49.99 ( before discount - does not include shipping ) - minimum order $4.00.
40% off if item total ( before discount - does not include shipping ) is between $50.00 and $150.00
50% off if item total ( before discount - does not include shipping ) is between $150.01 and $250.00
60% off if item total ( before discount - does not include shipping ) is more than $250.00

All sales final - no returns - no special orders.

Minimum order is $4.00 excluding shipping.  I don't like having to set a minimum but with the
additional discount I don't have the wiggle room to process a visa or MC order for a single
skein of floss.

Click on picture of PDF file for list
of Patterns inventory.
 All sales final, no return,
no special orders

Pattern Snowy Visitors by Foxwood Crossings
Pattern Backyard Visitors by Foxwood Crossings

18-1469 Backyard
Visitors $6.40
Pattern only

17-2169 Snowy Visitors
Pattern only

Pattern Feeling in Sandalia

15-2321 Feeling in
Sandalia $9.60

Pattern Shades of Romantic Times

15-2322 Shades of
Romantic Times $9.60

Pattern Bluebell Chick Chat

HC776 Bluebell Chick
Chat  11.20

Pattern Fuchsia Chick Chat

HC777 Fuchsia Chick
Chat  $11.20

Pattern Berry Chick Chat

HC775 Cherry Chick
Chat  $11.20

Pattern Cherry Hill

08-1099 Cherry Hill

Pattern Amethyst

09-1436 Amethyst
Needlepoint  $3.40

Pattern Geisha by Janlynn

E1199 Geisha

Pattern Charlotte Miniature

HC1128 Charlotte
Miniature $13.95

Pattern Rebecca Miniature

HC1132 Rebecca
Miniature $13.95

Pattern Christmas Sampler in Red

H8933 Christmas Sampler
In Red $5.95

Pattern Dragonfly Sampler

07-1157 Dragonfly Sampler

Pattern Sampler Antico Old Sampler Passione Ricamo

S01 Sampler Antico Old
Sampler  $13.60

Pattern Royal Blue Sampler Passuine Ricamo

07-2258 Royal Blue
Sampler $15.20

Pattern Sampler in Blue

D6708 Sampler In
Blue  $9.60

Pattern Emma's Garden

H8922 Emma's Garden

Pattern Sampler Stocking Ornament

17-1951  Sampler Stocking
Ornament $5.20

Pattern Arborea Pincusion

MTV-AP Arborea
Pincusion Pattern
$17.60 Pins included

Pattern Michelle's Christmas

15-1945 Michelle's
Christmas  $9.60

Pattern Wedding Tray

P27W Wedding Tray $8.00

Pattern Spider Web Ornament

07-1732 Spider Web
Ornament $4.80

Pattern Hardanger Snowflake

06-1177 Hardanger Snow
Flake  $3.95

Pattern Holiday Sleigh Ride
Pattern Merry Little Christmas Ornament 2

06-2532 Merry Little
Christmas Ornament II

Pattern Page 1

Pattern Page 2

Pattern Page 3

Pattern Snowman Ornament

HE537 Snowmerry
Ornament 2008 w/bell
charm  $6.40

10-2295 Holiday Sleigh Ride $16.80

Patterns Page 4

Pattern Page 5

Patterns Page 6