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Kits - includes Mill Hill, Wichelt
and silk gauze.
In Stock only - no special orders - no returns.

kit rl1505ac Pendant Silk Ribbon and bead kit

RL1505AC  Vintage Pendant by
Riolis  $14.40

 Oval pendant measures 1 3/4" x 2 1/2".

Kit Hummingbrid Drama Needlepoint kit 5 x 5
Kit Hearts and Roses by Permin 79-4755

794755  Hearts & Roses
kit by Permin  $13.60


Kit Smaller Roses by Permin 79-4760

794760  Smaller Roses kit
by Permin  $8.80


Kit Butterfly Duo Needlepoint Kit Size 5 x 5Kit Zinnias Needlepoint Kit Size 5 x 5

7210  Hummingbird Drama Needlepoint
kit by Dimensions  $7.70

Finished size is 5 x 5"

7183 Butterfly Duo Needlepoint
it by Dimensions  $7.70

 Finished size is 5 x 5"

7213  Zinnias Needlepoint
kit by Dimensions  $7.70

Finished size is 5 x 5"

Kit Pansy Pincushion Cross Stitch Kit Size 4.25 x 3.25

R1039 Pansy Pincushion Cross
Stitch kit by Riolis  $9.95

Finished size is 4.25 x 3.25".

kit Sugar Skull B & B mh14-5204

MH145204 Sugar Skull B&B
kit by Mill Hill   $11.20


kit mh18-5201 Wacky Wendy bead kit

MH18-5201 Wacky
Wendy MH kit $5.95

kit mh18-5204 Haunted Zone cross stitch kit

MH18-5204  Haunted
Zone MH cross stitch kit

kit mh18-5206 Wendy's Cat cross stitch and bead kit
Kit Bluebird Cottage bead

Bluebird Cottage

Kit Dragonfly bead

Kit includes magnet

MH18-5206  Wendy's Cat
MH counted glass bead kit

Kit Bird's Paradise bead

Bird's Paradise

Kit Mh Bead  Baseball Mitt

Baseball Mitt

Kit Cross Stitch Round Sewing Etui

09-2542   Round Sewing Etui Kit  $42.50
Design measures 3 1/4" x 7 1/4".  Cross stitch kit includes all
fabrics, threads, form, batting and lining needed to complete project.

Kit Knit Paisley Shawl

PKN56  Knit Paisley Shawl Kit  $28.80

Kit knit Grey Owl Slippers
Kit Knit Cap

PKN450  Knit Cap  $19.20

Kit Knit Hat & Sock Set

PKN55  Knit Cap and Sock Kit  $25.60

Kit Strawberry Pin Cushion JABC

9175.G  Strawberry Pin Cushion
Kit by JABC  $22.40


Kit Cross Stitch Mother of God

GOK475  Mother of God
kit   $59.95

PKN49 Grey Owl Knit Slippers Kit  $19.95

Kit Black Hardanger table runner

10-7845  Black on White
Hardanger Kit  $36.80

16 x 16 square only

Kit Bookmarks Set of 2 - 9 inch long How Much $9.60

238251  Dimensions Gold Collection Petites
Elegant Bookmarks  $9.60

  Finished size of each MH santa kit is approximately 3.25"w x 4.75"h.
Needlework Plus price for each MH Santa cross stitch kit is $4.40

kit mh20-5301 Scotland Santa cross stitch

MH20-5301 Scotland
Celtic Santa

kit mh20-5302 Wales Santa Celtic cross stitch

MH20-5302 Wales
Celtic Santa

kit mh18-5304 beaded pine cone

MH185304 Pine
Cone MH bead kit
- in stock $3.95

kit mh18-5305 beaded gingerhouse

MH185305 Gingerbread
House MH bead kit
in stock  $3.95

kit mh20-5303 Ireland Santa cross stitch

MH20-5303 Ireland
Celtic Santa

kit mh184204 Grandpa's Tractor cross stitch and bead kit

MH18-4204  Grandpa's
Tractor MH bead kit

Kit price is $3.60 each

kit mh164301 Jade bead kit

kit mh164302 Blue Topaz bead kit

kit mh164303 Holly bead kit

kit mh164304 Peridot bead kit

kit mh164305 Berry bead kit

MH16-4301 Jade

MH16-4302 Blue
Topaz  $3.60

MH16-4303 Holly

Peridot  $3.60

MH16-4305 Berry

kit mh164306 Lapis bead kit

kit mh184301 Snow Fun bead kit

kit mh184305 Drummer Boy bead kit

kit mh184306 Scottie bead kit


MH16-4306 Lapis

MH18-4301 Snow Fun

Drummer Boy  $3.60

Scottie  $3.60


Kit Golden Tannenbaum bead kit

Golden Tannenbaum

Kit MH Bead Sapphire Snow Ornament

Sapphire Snow

Kit MH Bead Garnet Spiral Ornament

Garnet Spiral

Kit MH Cross Stitch Desert Santa Ornament

Desert Santa

Kit Cross Stitch Canyon Santa Ornament

Canyon Santa

Kit Cross Stitch Mesa Santa Ornament

Mesa Santa

pine tree snow charmer bead kit

MHSC28 Pine Tree
Snow Charmer

Teddy Snow Charmer bead kit

MHSC37  Teddy
Snow Charmer

Gift Snow Charmer bead kit

MHSC38 Gift
Snow Charmer

Folk Heart Snow Charmer bead kit

MHSC39 Folk Heart
Snow Charmer

Kit Tangerine Sorbet

Tangerine Sorbet

Kit Button and Bead Home For Christmas

Home For
Christmas $7.75

Kit Button and Bead Winter Woods

Winter Woods

Kit Button and Bead Believe

Believe $7.75

Kit Button and Bead Holiday Stocking

Holiday Stocking

Kit Button and Bead Hanging Around

Hanging Around

MH bead Ornament kits  - Each kit includes MH glass beads,
glass or crystal treasure, 14ct perf paper, floss, needle and chart with instructions.
Price is $3.60 per kit

Kit MH Bead I Love Christmas Ornament

I Love Christmas

Kit MH Bead Oli Elf Ornament
Kit MH Bead Pear Tree Partridge Ornament

Pear Tree Partridge

Kit MH Bead Crystal Wreath

Crystal Wreath

Kit MH Bead Snow Buddy Ornament

Snow Buddy

Kit MH Bead Winter Bunnies

Winter Bunnies

Oli Elf

Kit MH Bead Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

Kit MH Bead Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Kit MH Bead Red Wagon

Red Wagon

Kit MH Bead Kris Mouse Ornament

Kris Mouse

Kit Proud Penguin bead

Proud Penguin

Kit MH Bead Gold Crystal Ornament

Gold Crystal

Kit MH Bead Holly Bead Ornament


Kit MH Bead Holiday Stamp Ornamet

Holiday Stamp

Kit B&B Snowy Owl by Mill Hill

MH14-4304 Snowy Owl

Kit B&B Polar Bears by Mill Hill

MH14-4305 Polar Bears

Kit MH Nativity Mary cross stitch

Mary  $3.95

Kit MH Nativity Joseph cross stitch

Joseph  $3.95

Kit Luke cross stitch

Luke  $3.95

Kit Angelina MH Bead Kit
Kit Gabrielle MH Bead KitKit Seraphina MH Bead Kit

MH19-4301  Angelina

MH19-4302  Gabrielle

MH19-4303  Seraphina

Mill Hill Calavera Charmed Ornament bead kits measure approximately 2.75 x 3.25
inches stitched on 14ct perforated paper.  Included with kit is floss, beads, charm, perforated
paper, chart, needle and instructions.
Price per kit is $3.95

Kit mh161621 Morado

Kit mh161622 Verde

Kit mh161624 Amarillo

Kit mh161625 Azul

MH161621 Morado

MH161622 Verde

MH161624 Amarillo

MH161625 Azul

K2195 Christmas Elegant Adornment Kit by Roz Watnemo

K2195  Christmas Adornment
$8.95 - size 2.75" button

Kit Woodland Owl Ornament Kit by JABC

CH1012 Woodland Owl
rnament Kit by JABC  $6.60


K2196 Petite Christmas Elegant Adornment Kit by Roz Watnemo

K2196  Petite Christmas
Adornment $8.40
Size 2" button

Kit Woodland Possum Ornament by JABC

CH1020 Woodland Possum
Ornament Kit by JABC  $6.60

K2197 Petite Spice Elegant Adornment Kit by Roz Watnemo

K2197 Petite Spice Adornment
$8.40 Size 2" button

014271 Red Mini Christmas Stockings Set of 3 Cross stitch

014271 Red Mini Christmas Stocking Kit - set of 3  $9.60
Kit includes 3 pieces of fabric, white thread, white ribbon,
chart and needle to stitch all 3 stockings pictured at left.

Kit 015623 White Hearts Hardanger Set of 3

015623 Hardaner
White Hearts -
designs measure
3 x 2 1/2 $7.50

Kit 015625 Red & White Trees Hardanger Set of 3

015625 Hardanger
Red Heart -
designs measure
3 x 3  $7.50

Kit 015626 Red & White Bulb Hardanger Set of 3

015626 Hardanger
Red Bulbs -
designs measure
2 1/2 round  $7.50

Kit 015627 Red&White Heart Hardanger Set of 3

015627 Hardaner
Red Hearts -
designs measure
3 x 2 1/2  $7.50

Kit Bear Ornament by Dimensions

Bear Ornament

Kit Santa Ornamnet by Dimensions

Santa Ornament

Kit Flurry Snowbell by Debbie Mumm

Flurry  $4.50

Kit Snowman Ornament by Dimensions

Snowman Ornament

Kit Frank Snowbell by Debbie Mumm

Frank   $4.50

Kit Tree Ornament by Dimensions

Tree Ornament

Kit Snowman with Sweets Ornament by Dimesnions

Snowman with Sweet
Ornament  $3.75

Kit Cross Stitch Christmas Window by Janlynn

Cross Stitch Kit Item #23-0431
Christmas Window
Finished size is 11 x 14".

Kit Freezy Snowbell by Debbie Mumm

Freezy  $4.50