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How to Order

How to Order

Secure Order Form

Payment can be made through  PayPal,  Money Order ( US Funds ),
visa or master card.

Listed below are the PDF's for what's left in my inventory for certain categories.
I've left the fabric, kits, patterns and needlepoint pages attached because
they have pictures and visual is easier for those.  I don't have pictures of all the
patterns up and will try to get them all up but not sure if I will.

The discount is as follows

70% off orders up to $500.00 before discount
80% off orders over $500.00 before discount
Minimum order is $10.00 after discount is applied. This means you have
spend $34.00 less 70% = $10.20 plus shipping.

Discount does not apply to shipping rates.

Shipping rates - these are difficult as it really varies depending on
where I'm shipping to and I want to be fair.  But shipping
a 10 pound box to California is ridiculously expensive so anything
going to the west coast will need to be determined based on weight
and distance.  For anyone on the east coast or the middle of the country
shipoing is as follows

up to $50.00 = $5.50

$50.01 to $125.00 - $11.00

$125.00 - $250.00 - $22.00

over $250.00 shipping to be determined

International shipping is actual plus $2.00 USD for packaging

Sorry to be so vague here but with the discount $250.00 is a lot of inventory
and depending on weight it can cost close to $100.00 for the shipping if it

has to go across the country.

If you have questions, please email us at sales@needleworkplus.com

International shipping rates are calculated by distance and weight so I need to
have the
order first to calculate shipping to another country. International shipping is the
actual shipping cost plus $1.00 to $1.50 for the envelope.

If paying with PayPal a separate invoice will be
sent for you to pay from once
inventory has been